Friday, June 10, 2011

Interior Paint Color and Other Questions

Hi again,

I have a couple of questions and hopefully I can borrow from your vast knowledge base!  :)

1.  I thought I read somewhere that Ryan offers three different shades of white paint for the interior is that true?  I was thinking about this today and realized that we did not pick an interior paint color with our SR.

2.  Did you received a Road Map to Home Ownership from your SR?  Not sure what this is.  We received our ratified sales contract electronically today and it mentioned this.  I have no idea what this is.

3.  How long after finalizing your selections was your Pre-Construction meeting schedule?
What determines this date?

4.  Anyone with a truck and a van or 2 wide vehicles?  Can both fit in your garage at the same time?  Is it a tight squeeze?

Sorry for so many questions!


  1. I think the paint you get in your home depends on the neighborhood you build in. I had not heard of the different shades. A lot bloggers had white paint. I know in our neighborhood, we were told it would be more of a cream color. Ask your rep what the standard color is and if it can be upgraded.

    I THINK the map to home ownership might be the little blue book the Rep gives you. I could be wrong. Our Rep called it Ryan's little blue bible. lol Again, you can call and ask your Rep.

    Our pre-con meeting was about month after our Guardian meeting. Once you get to this meeting you usually break ground with in 2 weeks.

    I have no idea about the garage, but I'm guessing tight squeeze.

  2. The road map is a long white portfolio with about three sections for you to keep your loan application, contract, HOA guide, even your settlement papers all in one place. Your SR should provide you with that.

    Our color is a cream color too and its standard. No upgrades available.

  3. We were also not given an interior color choice. We asked about it because anything is better then all white. Our sales rep said they don't offer that any more because they have had to many problems with people complaining about it not looking right if any nail pops or wall cracks have to be repaired and then painted. He also said that they will not do the 10 month repairs if you have custom painted your walls. I know I have not heard that from anyone on here and many many people have already painted their walls. Did anyone who painted ask RH if they would still do the 10 month repairs if you custom paint your walls?

  4. Thanks all! Not sure where I got that info from. I wonder if it was from the other builder :o!

  5. We didn't get selections around here either. Just plain white! I am definitely going to inquire about what BD said...I wanted to not wait 10 months to paint, especially in the kitchen & LR where we will spend most of our time. I don't mind just keeping the paint on hand and touching up the sections that get repaired.