Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That was easy! (insert Staples Easy Button Here)

Sorry, I need to is a little background...

A couple of weeks ago we asked our Sales Rep if there was a model of our future home anywhere in the area and she told us that she did not think so but she would check with her manager, or the person that updates the internet sites for this region.  At that time, I recalled a conversation that we had another Ryan rep about a model being in Chantilly, VA and also I checked the Ryan website and it stated that there was a model in Chantilly.

So time moves on and this got pushed to the lower end of my priority list but about a week later we stopped into the Sales office to go over a few other things and I asked if she had heard back from her manager about the model and she said that she did and unfortunately there used to be model there but not anymore.  We left a little disappointed but definitely not the end of the world...I really wanted to take pictures of each room prior to our meetings with CTI and Guardian to bring with us on our appointments.

Anyway, for some reason, her answer was just not sitting well with me so I decided to call Ryan's Corporate office and ask if they did have a model in either MD or VA and low and behold they do...and guess where?  Wait for it....Wait for it....

Bam! Chantilly, VA!
Now let me tell you just how much this chapped my cheeks!  We really wanted to have a reference point to refer back to when we meet with Guardian, mainly in terms of placement for pre-wiring.  So needless to say our meeting with Guardian is today and it would have  nice to bring those photos along with us.

This may seem like a small insignificant issue, but try telling that to my case of OCD!  LOL! 

I really try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but in this case I am finding it hard to believe that both my sales rep and her manager are that misinformed about the location of a model that they sell!?!   If she simply forgot about my question, (which I can see happening, we are all human, and things happen) and admitted it, I would have respected her for being honest, but I knew the minute she gave me that answer that she did not look into it.  Now what bothers me is that if I feel you are being dishonest about  such a small thing, what happens when we get into the really big stuff????

So my"Lesson Learned" from this experience is to do my own research and not depend on the word of someone else...

Signed Pictureless in MD


  1. LOLOLOL! I was waiting for it too...#BAM

    Aw man, seeing a model sure does help put things into perspective. It also helps to pick out options. Be ready to do a change order once you visit it! That SUCKS about yout SR. You want to be able to trust your Sales Rep. For some reason, people really have a hard time taking ownership.

  2. You are so right! If she would been honest and just said, "I didn't have a chance to look into that yet, can you give me a day or so..." I would have been completely ok with that. But now I feel like every time she tells me something I am going to have to give her with the side eye with one eyebrow raised! LOL

  3. That totally stinks. We have visited two model homes in MD, 1 of which is why we have decided to build an Avalon, the 2nd was a disappointment...not finished and none of the structural additions we have selected and it was the same development, but they had sold the original model and just opened a new one...nothing told us that and we were quite disappointed to drive 2 hours to not see what we went to see. However, that said, our sales rep has gone out of his way to find us other homes in the area with our brick and color combinations, he took us into an existing Avalon so we could check out the electrical placements in rooms AND he just recently took us into a close to completion Avalon that has the closed off family room with the second floor configuration that we will have...that is the first time we have seen it. He also took us into another home to see to see their stone fireplace since the stone color was on our short list...overall he has gone over and above and nothing less then that should be expected...both before signing a contract and after.

  4. Glad to hear that your rep is taking care of you pre and post sale. I have to say that this was the first issue we had with her since we signed. Not sure if I am being a little touchy because I am extra nervous because of what happened with our first builder, but this is not sitting well with me at all. This is a HUGE investment and I want to make sure all of our I's are dotted and out T's are crossed.

    You are so right about seeing different models, our rep did schedule a walk through with a couple that bought their home at the end of last year. I am so glad that we pushed for that because otherwise we would have passed on adding the sitting room in the MB!

    I am not going to let this one issue stop me from seeing the bigger picture, we are incredibly blessed to be building this amazing home BUT I will put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and cape if I have to...

  5. I'm sorry to hear this.

    I know that they sell the models. In fact, the model in our neighborhood is already sold and it's pretty much a brand new neighborhood. Ryan is renting it from the new owner for now.

    I'd talk to your Rep. There maybe a small chance that the model sold and the new owners want to take ownership asap, and corporate may not know all that yet and the more local reps might. Or it could be that your Rep was just plain wrong and/or lied. Either way, see what they have to say.

    I'm sorry. Hope things go better from here on out. Keep at Mrs. Holmes!!