Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What are your plans for your morning room?

Hi All!

Well over here at Camp "I can't make up my mind" we are having a debate as to how to furnish our morning room.

Team A thinks the room should have a medium sized table kitchen table with a few other accents.

Team B thinks the room should have a couch and coffee table and a few other accent pieces.

Below are pics of the morning room with a table and with a couch
Morning Room with Couch

Just do you plan on using your morning room?


  1. If it were me I would decide that based on if I had a dining room or not. We have a formal dining room (and also a breakfast bar on our island) so we will be putting a 2 seat high pub table (it's really quite small) against the one wall in the morning room, and then I was going to get some chairs like these (not sure what pattern yet)

    and have an old antique-y looking trunk in the middle instead of a coffee table, and a throw rug in there too. If we didn't have a formal dining room, I personally would want to use that for a larger dr table, but we love to entertain.

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear which "team" wins and see some pictures of the final product. :)

  2. If there is enough space in your kitchen for the table, then do the couch (or if you plan on eating in the dining area). Otherwise...TABLE!!

    How about option 3...POOL TABLE!! LOL

    We're putting our kitchen table and chairs in there. I'm sure ya'll will think of something! Can you put a medium/smaller table with a sitting area in the corner with a nice chair?

    Let us know what ya'll decide! GL!!

  3. We are putting our kitchen table in there. We also have a formal dining room to use on special occasions and for entertaining. We love to entertain and have family over for holidays/birthdays, so we need another dining area. Between the family room and formal living room, I can't see needing another sitting area.

  4. @Becky, How cute is that chair! Great choice!

    @ Noey, I do want a pool table! But I think we will put it the basement ;) I like the idea of adding a small table and maybe a chair in a corner, I can see that working in that space! Thanks!

    @Nky, I agree with you, (Can you tell who Team A is? LOL! We have a formal dining room, but not a kitchen table. Our current kitchen has an island and we have stools going around the island.

    I think "Team A" is winning this debate, but finding just the right table will win the debate for sure!